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ICO Ltd. (Infrared Components Ltd.), was founded in 1995 in St.Petersburg, Russia, as a developing and manufacturing industrial for mid IR semiconductor components, Light Emitting Diodes, Photo detectectors and Interference Filters. The company was founded by the authors of applied technology.

We grew to a well known manufacturer of this technique and are proud to realize that a big part of modern NDIR gas analytic and IR optical sensor instruments in Russia are manufactured using our parts.

We dispose of the 600 sq.m. of technologic facility equiped with all necessary equipment for manufacturing of photodetectors, light emitting diodes and interferrence filters based on our technology. Between them there are machines to grow semiconductor layers, clean rooms for photolitography and processing, assembling equipment and testing set-ups, storaging rooms, etc. We are paying a special attention to test our products at every phase of the manufacturing process.

We are also happy to work individually with our customers to support their certain technical needs.

Our price policy is very flexible and we have special individual discounts for our major customers, which makes our offer very competitive.

We are happy to serve any new customer and partner who would like to work together with us.

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